Beginning an Exercise Routine from Square One

Dec 26, 2023

Feeling intimidated at the prospect of integrating regular workouts - especially if you’re starting completely from scratch? Have no fear! While fitness often seems complicated for newcomers, establishing an exercise habit can be broken down into simple, manageable steps courtesy of Phoenix Fitness:

Start by Setting Reasonable Goals

Rather than vague notions of getting in shape or losing weight, identify specific metrics like maintaining consistent gym sessions of 30+ minutes 3x a week. Concrete goals keep motivation high.

Begin Moving First - Details Come Later

Overanalyzing workout particulars trips many beginners up initially. Instead, focus first on building the habit of regular activity for short bouts. From there, dial in specifics like targeted heart rates, strength training loading schemes etc. Move first!

Recognize ALL Activity Counts

Exercise needn’t require fancy equipment or span endless hours. Walking, basic bodyweight movements, recreational activities all contribute to improved fitness. Remain open-minded about what “counts”.

Ramp Up Slowly Over Time

Resist the urge to jump immediately into 5-6 intense weekly workouts. Allow your body time to positively adapt to increasing exertion in bite-sized increments. Preventing discomfort, frustration or injury out of the gates means long term sustainability.

At Phoenix Fitness, our coaches specialize in crafting beginner-friendly approaches - no intimidation allowed! Let us help YOU comfortably progress into a personalized routine yielding fantastic results on your schedule.

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