Fueling Your Body to Lose 20 Pounds

Dec 23, 2023

Ready to slim down and shed excess weight? At Phoenix Fitness, clients often ask us: what are the best foods to eat when trying to lose 20 pounds? While a customized nutrition plan works best, here is an overview of calorie targets and nutrient-dense foods to properly fuel weight loss of 20 pounds or more:

Focus on Consistent Calorie Deficit

Losing weight boils down to the basic concept of burning more calories than you consume daily. To drop 20 pounds (which equals about 70,000 calories stored), creating a 500-1000 daily calorie deficit through diet and exercise is ideal for safe, sustainable loss over weeks to months. This breaks down to about 1-2 pounds lost per week.

Stick to Low Energy Density Foods

To stay satisfied in a calorie deficit, choose foods that provide high satiety and nutrients but less overall energy density and calories. These include items like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean proteins, eggs, yogurt and nuts. Limit calorie-laden items like sweets, fried foods, excess carbs and fatty proteins.

Properly Hydrate and Supplement

Don’t overlook hydration needs! Drink ample water and nutritional supplements like protein powder as needed. Herbal teas, coffee and broths also count towards fluid goals. Electrolyte supplements help reduce fatigue, cravings and headaches associated with lower calorie intake and faster weight loss.

Losing 20 pounds requires dedication, patience and lifestyle adaptation. But you'll be amazed at the boost to energy, confidence and health. Our coaches tailor nutrition plans to help clients hit major weight loss goals in a safe, manageable way. Schedule a consult today!