Should You Workout in the Morning or Night? How to Choose Your Best Time

Jan 01, 2024

Finding an exercise routine you can stick to relies enormously on identifying - and committing to - whatever time of day optimizes your workouts. But is early morning or late evening objectively better for maximum results? Here’s what to consider:

Benefits of Morning Workouts

Many people choose dawn hours because it:

  • Sets an energizing tone for the whole day
  • Reduces excuses about lack of time/energy after work
  • Allows refueling afterward before usual obligations Research also shows exposure to natural morning light aids workout performance. So for discipline and efficiency, an AM session has its advantages.

The Case for Evening Exercise

However, evenings may work better if you:

  • Gain an energy boost closer to bedtime rather than tiring you
  • Feel strongest and most motivated as the day progresses
  • Prefer unwinding after a long day with a solid sweat session

The Takeaway

There are strong cases to be made for both mornings and PMs depending on individual bio-chronotype and lifestyle. There's likely an optimal time for YOUR body to truly progress - and that crucial insight can be the difference between a plan you follow versus abandon by February.

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